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Discipline and the Way to Attain Inner Peace


Discipline Doing what you hate to do, but nonetheless doing it like you love it Why do people always want to be somewhere else? For some, winter is a good end to the blistering heat of summer. For others, it is but a season of melancholy. I have seen students having this uncontrollable desire for..

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Western Vs. Eastern


The following is presented for the purpose of expressing the corruption of middle eastern stereotypes as Muslim “terrorists”, regarding the several attacks carried out in the western world. For the need to categorize humans, specifically dangerous ones, overwhelms humans into subjecting all people under one label. November 13th A Friday night A Paris attack A..

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Insight on Current Corruption


An invisible hand Branding us with our employee badges Controlling our ethics and money The top 5% That built our world based on a manipulative fantasy A fantasy where the people are ignorant to the brutal reality of the world It is thrown casually behind our backs Buried beneath the routine and the “right from..

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20160419123521 copy

Maybe not today or tomorrow, maybe not any time soon, but there will come a morning, where you see the sun shining, brightly just for you, you will look at people, and no longer think of them as, humans, but as poetry, you will no longer find sleep, an escape, but a planting ground, for..

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Thoughts on Identity and Self-Creation


We have created ourselves in an effort to be seen It has been said that beautiful souls have been lost to lost causes Yet you are here, a beautiful soul, that has created herself in an effort to be seen Confused, conflicted and paradoxical And you are here and you are creating yourself in an..

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It all started that summer night, Dazzled and dazed from the first sight. I shook my head and looked away But he held me tight and asked me to stay.   His words were a delusion, And I was sucked into his beautiful illusion. We were committing the perfect crime. I stole his heart and..

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،اللغة العربية هي لغتي و لغتك ولكن في حياتنا نرى معظم الناس يحبون لغة ثانية و لماذا؟ ،لأننا نسينا جمال لغتنا ،و لكن هي أجمل من جمال القمر ،و نورها اشد من نور الشمس ،ولكن الان نور الغة العربيية مخفي ،مخفي لان اهلها هجروها ،نسوا لغتهم الام ،نسوا لحن الالفاظ .وموسيقتها المميزة نور فهمي و..

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