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It all started that summer night, Dazzled and dazed from the first sight. I shook my head and looked away But he held me tight and asked me to stay. His words were a delusion, And I was sucked into his beautiful illusion. We were committing the perfect crime. I stole his heart and he..

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Riptide We’re a riptide I’m lost at sea He’s got his grip I can’t break free We’re sinking ships We’re dragged down Because when we’re together We can only drown Although the seas may protest Of this unrighteous collision; We only ignore it It’s reckless decision He was Venus And I was Mars We’re destined..

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What is Bullying?


Bullying, Is defined as Brutal, Unearthly actions that Lures innocent Lads into experiencing a lamentable Youth that is filled with Intolerable, Nauseating, and Ghastly feelings. Raise your orange Card and Show your support Not only in October, but Throughout your life. Just like how There is no end to bullying, There is no end to..

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“Afraid from the Perils that Surround her”


“Afraid from the Perils that Surround her” She’s alone in this compact shell for years, Terrified to appear and scared to speak, Just sitting there thinking about those fears, She’s abandoned, a clue for being weak.   Trapped in this locked cave, cant see any light, Striving to see outside those locked portals, BAM! Help..

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True Love


Everyone wishes that they have this special person that cares about them, Whether that person is part of their family or not, If they’re living with you or across the country, I go here and there seeing how older brothers treat their younger sisters, They act like they’re best friends and are there for each..

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Will Never Know


It’s weird how now I know just as little About you as I knew before Nothing has changed This is unfortunate though All I hear is talk about you They say you’re depressed, depressing I don’t know why but I find that offensive That every time death is mentioned Every time, they look at you..

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