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True Love


Everyone wishes that they have this special person that cares about them, Whether that person is part of their family or not, If they’re living with you or across the country, I go here and there seeing how older brothers treat their younger sisters, They act like they’re best friends and are there for each..

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Will Never Know


It’s weird how now I know just as little About you as I knew before Nothing has changed This is unfortunate though All I hear is talk about you They say you’re depressed, depressing I don’t know why but I find that offensive That every time death is mentioned Every time, they look at you..

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Words She can hear them clearly  Piercing through her ear drums, making their way to her heart “You do not belong” the words preach “You must conform” the words imply  Her tears begin to blind her Words She can hear them clearly Escaping from the dirty mouths of the ignorant Flooding her mind with thoughts..

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For Sir and the Sun

Sir I am wrong I am so wrong To even consider mutual equality To walk among your streets tall and proud- I am wrong. How dare I use such bold words.. “Gender equality” “Feminism” “Human rights” I am wrong Allow me to apologize on behalf of my gender, Oh sir of great stature and respectability,..

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Questioning Discrimination

“Extremists have shown what scars them the most: a girl with a book”- Malala Yousafzai  Life turns and turns and always becomes unfair, Women and men are not the same and don’t have equal shares, Discrimination? Why?  Those who pollute the genuine meaning of Islam, Those who want to divert away from anything that leads..

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Everyday I see her face enveloped in shame. The strive and brutal battle for acceptance Engraved upon her innocent face “I’m here for you,” I whisper But the pounding echoes of rejection and humiliation have weakened her hearing.. For whenever she opened up to laugh with the world, The world would open up to laugh..

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Organ on the Left

Explain to me this How could a heart prone to take Ever learn to give? When blood is rushing and organs pumping That heart won’t care to give Expectations forming and dreams are shattered That heart won’t dare to give Words stained with passion, eyes gone dry Sick heart just cannot give Turn backs and..

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Dear Life, You’re unfair. I ask for your help, you let me down. I look at you, you look away, And when I fall and need your hand, instead you push me down. Why, Life? I’m not different. I’m like those who came before me, And I will always be like those who will come..

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