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Apology Letter


Apology Letter The story begins with an oppression With a man trying to make an expression Without the use of aggression, he hopes He hopes that people will listen Screaming since 1948, Hoping anyone would relate Begging for a friend, an ally in the war that awaits Crying about what fate will dictate Yet no..

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Is Climate Change Real?

climate change 2

Do not be fooled by the headline, this isn’t one of your typical “global warming is a government conspiracy theory” articles. No, this is just my passionate but non-extreme opinions on the numbers proving the theory of climate change to be merely an environmentalist fear tactic. Well what proof do I have of this so-called..

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On Freedom of Expression and Disrespect


​It has come to my attention that, despite all the prattle regarding freedom of speech and open-mindedness, even those with the most authority among us have no idea what either word means. Given the emphasis put on these terms, one would assume that they would be defined and made unambiguous – this is quite blatantly..

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Anarchy: a Misconception Adressed


Ronald Reagan, fortieth President of The US once said: “Government’s first duty is to protect the people, not to run their lives.” Before that, Henry David Thoreau, a philosopher and freethinker, said: “That government is best which governs least.” Go back a few more years and George Washington, The US’s first president and founding father,..

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الرأسمالية: نظام مثالي أم داء للمجتمع؟


كان الناس منذ زمن طويل, يعيشون في قبائل معزولة حيث الناس كلها من فطرة واحدة, يفعلون كل شيء لمصلحة مجتمعهم و هم غير مجبورين. كان ذلك المجتمع قائم على المودة, و الولاء, و التعاون بين الناس. مع ذلك كان النظام الاقتصادي بسيط, و لم يطل حتى لاحظ الناس أن من الممكن تطوير هذه المجتمعات البدائية…

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Yes to the Egyptian Constitution


Now that the constitution has been approved the Panther Express asked two AIS students to highlight some of the articles that they liked and disliked from the Egyptian constitution: Since the 2011 revolution, Egypt has been going through a lot of hard circumstances. The revolution definitely improved the country and made a huge change that..

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The 6th of October

It was the holy feast, Yom Kippur, the largest celebrated Jewish event. The sky was calm and the streets were empty. The beaches where packed while thousands enjoyed the cool Mediterranean weather. On the observation front, soldiers were swimming in the canal and playing soccer on its shore, completely ignorant of any Arab movement just..

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