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Anti-Bullying Campaign


Bullying is the act of being abused mentally, verbally, or physically by a parent, a teacher, a fellow student, or any other functioning member of society. Bullying has recently spiked in our society, making its most drastic increase in high schools throughout the world. These relentless attacks on people can range from simple negative comments..

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After much procrastination, and/or deciding that someone else’s plans or experiences is a solid plan B, a safety net of sorts, and probably an easy out, a rather bitter reality many of us chose not to foresee jumped up and slapped many of us square in the face on Monday, February 13 at the University..

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..The Café…

fountain pen on text sheet paper with rose close-up

On May 27, 2016,  the first installment of … The Café … took place at Kotob Khan, a bookstore/café in Maadi. Less than a year later, on January 20, 2017, the second installment of … The Café … will be taking place at Prosperos, a restaurant in Maadi. Considering the fact that it was the..

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Current Events at AIS


It’s the end of the term and almost the end of the year, and a lot is happening at AIS. A lot of groups are hosting events; some Christmas themed among others. All clubs are hosting events for many reasons, whether it be fundraising or advertising. However, all events together help raise school spirit and..

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