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How Wise Is It to Spend Large Sums of Money on Space Explorations?


Through the course of years, men have spent huge sums of money on space explorations. This has raised much debate whether these sums are justifiable. Some people think scientists should stop exploring in space and focus more on improving life on earth, while others believe scientist should continue investigating outer space. In this context, space..

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Changes You Can Make to Improve Your Everyday Life


As someone once said, “it’s the little things that matter.” Therefore, you should always try to incorporate the little aspects into your everyday life that will improve your overall daily experience. Here are some ways in which to do so 1.) Always have positive thinking: This is the number one thing to do in any situation…

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“The Little Mermaid”: 1837 Story versus 1989 Disney Film


Recently, I chose to revisit my childhood and watched the 1989 Disney Animated film, “The Little Mermaid.” Then, I watched the 1975 Discotek Media “The Little Mermaid.” I was then reminded of the original story that the film I grew up watching was based off of, Hans Christian Andersen’s 1837 “The Little Mermaid.” I always..

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