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On Freedom of Expression and Disrespect


‚ÄčIt has come to my attention that, despite all the prattle regarding freedom of speech and open-mindedness, even those with the most authority among us have no idea what either word means. Given the emphasis put on these terms, one would assume that they would be defined and made unambiguous – this is quite blatantly..

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Open-mindedness, What is it really?


Societies have become amalgamations of miscellaneous ideas and beliefs; thanks to the multifarious advances of science, people have become more willing to discuss topics that had once been taboo. And after coming so far, the scientific community stands now before the greatest of all red-lines: religion. Religion has long vexed science with its appeals to..

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The Social Gadfly


A social gadfly is a member of society who constantly questions the status quo, and causes people to doubt their own beliefs. It is a person who vehemently searches for truth and is seen often as more of a pain than a beneficial member of society. The term is most commonly known for being used..

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