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The Formula for Immortality

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Formula for Immortality Paranoid people have been on the search for formulas, alchemical spells, and gadgets to cheat the natural cycle of physical death. These people are so inclined to the mundanely world, as they want to accomplish more in life. For example, Qin Shi Huang (259-210 B.C.), the first emperor of a united China,..

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The Murder of Giulio Regeni


As you may have heard, an Italian Cambridge student named Guilio Regeni’s mutilated body was found in a ditch alongside the Cairo-Alexandria highway on February 3rd, 2016. His body displayed marks of severe, tremendous torture. This includes cigarette burns, cuts, scratches, larger burn marks, broken ribs, legs, arms, shoulder blades, and stab wounds. The autopsy..

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Female Genital Mutilation


 One of the main controversial topics is whether female genital mutilation is considered a cultural practice or, would it be considered one of the human rights violations. Female genital mutilation is mostly dominant and popular in Africa, especially in Sub- Saharan Africa. The population of women who are circumcised in Africa lies between eighty million..

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