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Yes to the Egyptian Constitution


Now that the constitution has been approved the Panther Express asked two AIS students to highlight some of the articles that they liked and disliked from the Egyptian constitution: Since the 2011 revolution, Egypt has been going through a lot of hard circumstances. The revolution definitely improved the country and made a huge change that..

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Thanksgiving: A History


The mentioning of the holiday ‘Thanksgiving’ can invoke multiple images of merriment, family get-togethers, and delightful dishes. It’s a day in which citizens of the United States can abandon their woes and worries, and enjoy a festive day with their friends and loved ones. For American citizens residing in Egypt, Thanksgiving maintains its status as..

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Trip to Al Ahram Newspaper’s Printing Headquarters


Trip to Al Ahram Newspaper‘s Printing Headquarters  On November 23, the Panther Express team visited the printing headquarters of the Egyptian newspaper, Al Ahram. The headquarters of the Al Ahram printing area is located in 6th of October City, Street 22. There were two objectives behind this trip. The first being that the journalism club..

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Part-time Journalist Interview, with Nady El-Zayaty


Part-time Journalist Interview, with Nady El-Zayaty Interview by: Amy El-Zayaty; Junior Head Editor 1.)   What magazine do you write for, and what is your opinion on the magazine? I write for Business Today.  In my opinion it is an exceptionally well written magazine. It does a good job of balancing matters important to Egypt as..

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