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The Essence of Volunteering

Often, some people don’t give much attention to volunteer work and they think it is a waste of time. However, one should ultimately aim to continuously volunteer because it is of crucial importance and contribution to the world.  Volunteer work is simple; it’s when one voluntarily offers to give others without expecting anything in return…

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Modern Society’s Top 10 Virtues


Those are only a list of 10 virtues that are essential for living in our modern world. Tolerance: Accept its existence, though conformity is non-compulsory. Benevolence: Spread your wings of kindness, but don’t let the manipulator deceive you. Sagacity: Be the man they look up to, not the child they mock. Determination: Run until you..

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Visit to Gabriella


Gabriella is a center that offers free physical therapy for paralyzed children. The name of the center was derived from a personal incident of the owner. The owner’s daughter was called Gabriella and she was paralyzed; yet she was given the opportunity to be cured. He decided that other children should at least gain a..

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