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10 Things Some People Hate About Valentine’s Day


The commercialization- Valentine’s Day used to be about showing your love towards someone by celebrating it, but now people don’t think it isn’t Valentine’s Day unless someone buys you a dozen flowers or a box of chocolate. It is no more about professing your love by celebrating, it is more about seeing who is the..

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Best Friends or Lovers?


Is it possible? Is it really possible to have a best friend of the opposite sex that doesn’t turn into the person you love? I don’t know, I mean your best friend is the person you can tell anything to, the person you feel the most comfortable with, the person that’s always there for you,..

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Thoughts on Identity and Self-Creation


We have created ourselves in an effort to be seen It has been said that beautiful souls have been lost to lost causes Yet you are here, a beautiful soul, that has created herself in an effort to be seen Confused, conflicted and paradoxical And you are here and you are creating yourself in an..

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10 Reasons To Love Your Solitude

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10 Reasons to love your solitude: “Our bodies deserve to be more than war-torn and collateral, offering this f***dom as a pathetic means to say… I only know how to exist when I am wanted”   This is an excerpt from “Body Love,” spokenpoetry, by Mary Lambert. This poem stimulated a clutter of thoughts in..

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Valentine’s Day:Why you should spend it alone


Ok, so Valentine’s Day is here and of course all the single people feel a bit excluded but don’t worry, this girl has a solution for you. Alright, so Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a day where one shows their love for the people they love and thankfully, since you’re single, you can spend..

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The Origins Of Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day—or rather, Saint Valentine’s Day—is followed by a colourful history. On the 14th of February ever year, couples celebrate their affection and proclamations of love are made through the giving of gifts such as chocolate, flowers and cheesy poems. However, very few people question why this custom is practised, yet alone why it exists. Who is..

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True Love


Everyone wishes that they have this special person that cares about them, Whether that person is part of their family or not, If they’re living with you or across the country, I go here and there seeing how older brothers treat their younger sisters, They act like they’re best friends and are there for each..

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