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Is Technology Really Benefiting Us?


I come here today with a purpose of focusing primarily on the social effects of technology throughout this article. We often think of large corporations such as Apple or Samsung when we think of technology. We think of development and the future, but how exactly is technology benefiting our future? The ongoing urbanization due to..

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The Genius Who Revolutionized the World


Steve Jobs was born in San Francisco, California. He was born to Joanne Schieble and Abdulfattah Jandali. His biological father was a Syrian political refugee, who gave him up for adoption, unnamed. He was adopted by Clara and Paul Jobs, who named him Steve. As an infant Steve and his father worked on electronics in..

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Exordium to Society


As we look around ourselves, what do we see? Our friends chatting, laughing, getting caught up with the latest Hollywood trends, deciding which pictures to post on Instagram, and so on so forth. It has come to my attention, for a while now actually, how society nowadays has this deceptive façade that seems to be..

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A journey 10 years in the making

Comet 2

The $1.6 billion project that started nearly a decade ago will finally yield some results and proved insight into the nature of the world that has never been dreamt of. The robot probe Philae landed on the comet on Thursday, November 13, marking the end of its 500 million kilometer journey that started 10 years..

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The True Failure Behind the Art of Communication

Banksy - Mobile Lovers, 2014...

I can’t express how saddened I am by the lack of communication this generation of humans share. I may still be young, but I remember how fun it was to share a moment of your life with someone else, and I’m not talking about marriage. I’m talking about simple face-to-face communication. It’s the 21st century,..

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